About Me

Hey, my name is Jack Roberts. You know me as Helpful Jack. I’m guessing you probably want to know more about me before you take my advice. That’s what this page is for. I’ll tell you a little about my past, and then I’ll let you decide whether or not to listen to me (I hope you do choose to listen to me, though).

I’ve been frugal ever since I was a little kid. One time in first grade, my classmates and I were all asked what we would do with $100. As you would expect, most kids said things like “a puppy,” “a dollhouse,” or something along those lines. The financially conscious child that I was said I would save it. From that point on, people knew how serious I was about money. Fast forward to when I was in high school. I decided that it was time that I started earning some money of my own. The first business I ever started was “Jack of Hearts Jewelry.” I bought, fixed, and resold jewelry originally for the purpose of selling it to guys to give to their girlfriends. My slogan was “show your love for a lot less”. It did pretty well, but not because the guys were buying it; the girls were. That business didn’t last long after high school, though. Once I was finished with Jack of Hearts, I moved on to Real Estate. I did real estate my first year of college, but it didn’t take me long to realize that wasn’t the path for me. When I decided I was done with real estate, I became a student of money. I spent my college years learning as much as possible, trying different investing and saving strategies, and helping guide my friends with their financial decisions. It was during those times that I found my love for helping people with their money.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not some young millionaire or financial genius; rather, I am like you, just trying to navigate this complicated financial world, make some extra money and reach financial independence. I have made mistakes and learned some lessons, and I’ve seen friends and family do the same. I hope to use these experiences to make money simpler for you and help you not have to learn the hard way. I am on a money journey. If you want, you can tag along with me as I find new and different ways to earn, invest, and save money and become financially independent.